6 Essential Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Front Porches


Curb appeal ideas for Omaha homes

Want to make your home the belle of the block in Omaha, Nebraska? Then you should look no further than your outdoor areas. We found these great ideas on how to dress up your front porch from Better Homes & Gardens® magazine. These creative solutions can help you can boost your home’s curb appeal.  Also, many of these ideas can also improve the functionality of your outdoor space.

In the Omaha metro area, we see everything from Tudor to Mid Century Modern.  Other styles include Colonial, Victorian, Craftsman, and a whole lot of other architectural styles. Many of these building design styles have front porches.  They come in many different shapes and sizes – from the smallest stoop to the grandest of front porches that almost function as an additional living room.  However, the one thing all these Omaha area porches have in common is their undeniably welcoming nature to family and friends.

We have all heard the saying that first impressions matter, right?  Well, the front entrance of your Omaha area home definitely sets the tone for what visitors are about to experience. Whether it is guests for a holiday gathering or potential new buyers of your listed property, you can utilize these easy to implement ideas to truly transform your house into a welcome “home.”

The design team at Better Homes & Gardens® magazine offer up six different ways to add both charm and functionality to your front porch entrance.  Things you should consider is making  connection with your streetside and Omaha community.  Doing this will help create a transition from the outside to your home.  Also, thing about how to transition your guests from your porch into your home; there should be continuity in theme.  Consider seating for your front entrance while also taking into considering any limitations of your area.

We absolutely love idea #5 on this list!  Click here to see all this and all the other wonderful, easy-to-implement ideas from the leading real estate lifestyle brand, Better Homes & Gardens® Real Estate to make elevate your Omaha area home to be the absolute best in the neighborhood.

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