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It’s been a genuine honor to serve as the real estate expert to my amazing clients and friends over the past few years. I’ve helped people maneuver the process of buying that first house, showed seasoned investors how to tweak their portfolio to maximize profits, and even helped businesses find bigger spaces and save money in the process.

Every home bought is a unique challenge in today’s market. When 25 families want the same Aksarben bungalow, the offers coming in all start to look the same. It’s important to differentiate your offer to stand a chance without overpaying. The same applies when selling. Predicting and managing the buyers’ perception from the second they click on that first picture of your house can be the difference between selling your home in the first weekend and it sitting on the market for months.

As a licensed contractor, real estate agent, and investor, I serve as a one-stop-shop for all things real estate. Any matters or questions involving land, houses, remodels, investing, anything- is fair game.

Don’t think you have enough to buy the first house? I’ll show you how you can buy a home with $1,000 down.

Want to start buying investment properties? I’ll help you develop a business plan, introduce you to an investment lender, and find you that first rental.

Want to remodel that bathroom in the basement? I’ll show you how to fund the entire thing with your own equity.

Let me know how I can help you!

Meet Lukas Greene, Realtor

402-213-1950 |