The Omaha Home Pros Team is dedicated to empowering the LGBTQIA+ community on their path to homeownership.

We are an all-inclusive, all-embracing team working to enhance the lives of our community through real estate. We strive to support our clients by providing them with the necessary resources to assist in all facets of the homeownership experience and beyond.

The Omaha Home Pros Team’s mission is to advocate, elevate, and celebrate. No task is too big when done together. We look forward to serving you

As the parent of a transgender (now adult) child, and friend and family to many LGBTQIA+ humans, I am acutely aware of the need for having someone in your corner to fight for you.

Every person’s needs are different and having an agent that understands that, and completely accepts you for who you are, is so important.

As a Realtor for 22 years, I have the experience and expertise to guide you through the complicated process of buying or selling a home with compassion and make it as easy and painless as possible.

I really listen to your wants and needs, and I’m a problem solver, which is sure handy to have in your corner!

I will take care of you like you are family and help you achieve your goal of buying or selling a home!

I also am a very active real estate investor and would love to help your journey of building a real estate investment portfolio if that is something you would want to learn more about.

 – Dawn Grimshaw, Team Leader, ABR, ASP, CREN, GRI, RENE

My wife, Laura Doocy, our 22-year-old son, and I, Carole Souza, relocated to Omaha 15 years ago! Our relocation experience helps us serve other LGBTQIA+ singles and families find homes, and resources like doctors, dentists, schools, churches, services people and help that you need to love a Good Life in Nebraska and Iowa. Our family is involved with many relevant organizations in and around Omaha. Call us to see how we can serve you. We can help you figure out if Omaha is the place for your next move, can help find the best community for you and yours and we can find real estate agents in other states if you are being transferred outside our area! – Carole & Laura

Who you choose to love & share your life with is your choice. I am here to give unconditional kindness as another human with no judgment. I do not understand what it is like to have walked in your shoes or lived your story but I am here to listen & support you. For me, being an ally is an allegiance to diversity, inclusion, and respect for all. – Corey Burch

Hi! I am Kathy Shunk – The Agent with Spunk! I am pretty energetic & easygoing, so you will like working with me. I have been inclusive since I was a kid. In fact, inclusivity is part of our mission statement at Better Homes and Gardens. I have acquaintances, colleagues, friends, and family in the LGBTQIA+ community so I am sensitive to your needs. I would love to work with you!- Kathy Shunk

I love my role as a real estate professional. It’s one of my biggest passions. I am also passionate about supporting the rights of others to live their passion and truth. I am a friend, family member, and colleague to those in the LGBTQIA+ community and an ally. I want to see you realize your homeownership goals. Whether it be home ownership, investments, or simply educating you on the process, your investment in real estate can be one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. I want to ensure it’s a positive experience and enhances your financial portfolio. It would be a pleasure to work with you! -Laura Osborn, REALTOR, GRI, ABR, ASP-RE

My love for real estate transcends to my love for people and the rights of others. I have always been an ally even before it was used for the LGBTQIA+’s community. I have both family and friends who are finally able to live their truth and I will continue to support their right to do so. I believe communication paired with hard work and customer focus makes dreams come true and would love the opportunity to work with you. -Kelly Andreasen