30 Creative Pumpkin Carving Ideas to Up Your Jack-O’-Lantern Game

originally published by Better Homes & Gardens

These creative pumpkin carving ideas and pumpkin stencils will give this year’s jack-o’-lanterns distinct character—and make your porch the star of your Omaha, NE area neighborhood on Halloween night.  We’ve included just a few of our favorites.  You can click here to read the entire article at Better Homes & Gardens website and to get the free patterns.

Side-by-Side Pumpkins

Anchored by tiny nails, a white web highlights the carved opening in a black pumpkin. For a fun pair of pumpkin carving ideas, display it with a contrasting white orb shouting “BOO!”.

Cute Pumpkin Monsters

Make cute monstersby using smaller gourds for arms, noses, and antennae. Our free printable pumpkin carving stencils will give each monster its signature grin. Finish the design by cutting circles from craft foam to form the funky eyeballs and attaching with hot glue.

Monogram Pumpkins

Round out your Halloween decorating with a set of elegant monograms. Focus on a single standout letter or use them to spell out initials or a word.

Pumpkin Planter

This pumpkin carving idea is ideal for tabletop decorating. Clean out and carve any pumpkin face you like, then remove the top and tuck a potted plant inside to give it foliage hair. Be sure to pick a gourd that’s the right size to allow the plant to spill over the top.

Home Pro Tip: Try making a lasting pumpkin planter for your fall front porch.

Mummy Pumpkin

Make this scary mummy pumpkin by carving oddly shaped slits into the surface of a green or white pumpkin. Then try this pumpkin face idea: Adding piercing black marble eyes will keep any trick-or-treater on their best behavior.

Click here for lots of more great pumpkin carving ideas to make your Omaha, NE area home the talk of the neighborhood.

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