Be Prepared for the First Snowfall With These 7 Items

Don’t even think about going into November without preparing for snow. Add these products to your shopping list to stay safe, warm, and beat the winter blues.

authored by Hannah Bruneman for  |originally published 10/15/2018

Winter is coming, and whether you love snow or hate it, there’s no escaping it in most parts of the country. As November and December loom just around the corner, we recommend having a few things on hand before the first snowfall hits. Items as simple as gloves and a car emergency kit will keep you safe from the elements and prepared for the first blizzard of the season. Head out to the store this weekend to get ahead of winter weather!

Driving Gloves

Don’t get caught on the first frost of the season without a warm pair of gloves— just the thought of a cold steering wheel is enough to make us shiver! Opt for quality leather or thin fleece, which keep your fingers flexible enough to change the radio station. Keep your driving gloves by your keys so you don’t forget them when you run out the door.

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If the first snowfall hits harder than expected, you might need a shovel to dig your way out. If you don’t already have one on hand, you might be stuck walking to the nearest hardware store or knocking on a neighbor’s door in the early morning hours. We also recommend keeping a small shovel in the trunk of your car to dig your way out of midday snowfalls.


Sand isn’t just for tropical vacations. Having a bag of sand in your garage is an eco-friendly solution to your slippery driveway. Salt can be harsh on wildlife and the environment, so instead sprinkle sand on icy patches to provide more traction.

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Winter Clothes

October is a great time to dig your winter coats, boots, and hats out of storage—especially if you have kids in the house. Make sure all their gear still fits and donate and replace any that is too small. If you store winter attire in the attic or basement, check coats and snow pants for any holes.

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Windshield Scraper

We love a gorgeous blanket of white snow in the morning—just not on our cars. To speed up the dreadful morning task of scraping ice and snow off of car windows, make sure you have a quality window scraper on hand. Scrapers with bristles on one end make it easy to dust off a light snowfall. For those with sensitive fingers, there are also windshield scrapers with built-in mittens to help keep you warm.

Car Emergency Kit

You should have an emergency kit in your car year-round, but you might want to refresh its contents when the temperature starts to dip. Consider adding instant hand warmers or extra gloves and hats. A blanket is also a must and can double as a picnic blanket during warmer months.

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