Costco’s Succulents Are Here to Liven up Your Houseplant Collection

Two affordable sets of assorted plants are available online and in-store.

By Jennifer Aldrich  for | originally published January 22, 2020
Houseplants one of the easiest ways to brighten up the decor of your home, especially in the winter months when many days are dreary. To help enliven your space until spring arrives, Costco recently released a variety of succulents. Not only are the plants easy-care and drought-tolerant, but they’re also offered at an affordable price you’ve come to expect from the retailer. While stocking up on groceries and other supplies, you’ll definitely want to add one—or maybe even both—of the available succulent sets to your roomy Costco cart.



Buy It: Slanted Cut Succulent Terrarium, $29.99

The first option is an 8-inch slanted cut terrarium that retails for $29.99 and comes with a variety of different succulents. It’s not clear how many plants are included with each terrarium, but the online image shows about seven, which is a pretty good value for the price. According to the product description, the species that come with the terrarium will grow to a height of four inches, and a spread of eight inches. That means you will eventually need to repot them in larger containers, but you can always get smaller succulents (or propagated succulents) to replenish your terrarium as needed.


Buy It: Succulent 3-Pack, $29.99

The other choice is a three-pack of individually potted succulents listed for $29.99. The trio includes Crassula ovataEcheveria orion, and Gasteria aristata. These species all stay compact, reaching a mature height of six inches and a spread of five inches. That means they likely won’t outgrow the five-inch-tall containers they come in.

Shipping and handling fees are included in the price for both these succulent options, but unfortunately, there is one downside to ordering these plants online. Because succulents can be damaged or killed by freezing temperatures, Costco notes it won’t ship live plants to certain states in cold weather. These include most Northeastern, Midwestern, Mid-Atlantic, and Northwestern states. If you live in one of these regions, enter your ZIP code when you’re checking out to see if you can purchase the plants. Costco also can’t ship them to Alaska or Hawaii.

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Because succulents require little care, they’re an excellent option for beginner gardeners. They’d also make a great gift (especially for Valentine’s Day) for the plant lover in your life.

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