Home Habits that Are Costing You Money

Okay, we’ll admit… some of these home habits listed below are tried and true and you probably already know all about them.  However, a there are a few suggestions that we read about that gave us all a little “OMG” moment.

When you’re tightening up your budget, what’s the first thing you do? Your answer is probably that it makes sense to eliminate big purchases to save money. However, you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t also look at the little things.  These small “budget busters” can also make a big difference in your spending long-term. Thankfully, many of these mindless home habits can be easily eliminated, hopefully helping you save your hard-earned money.

Here are a few of the most common home habits that add up over time.
1. Running the air conditioning or heat when you don’t need it
2. Leaving the blinds open
3.  Washing laundry in warm or hot water
4.  Taking a long, hot shower

5. Running the dishwasher half-full
6. Running the laundry half-full
7. Leaving electronics plugged in
8. Overfilling your fridge
9. Forgetting to change air filters
10. Leaving lights on

These home habits for saving money and energy comes from one of our favorite blogs — Apartment Therapy!  You do not need to live in an apartment or big city to benefit from this blog.  This site has great decorating ideas, how to declutter your space quickly, and feature stories about jaw-dropping style.

Click here to learn even more specific details about the home habits you may have that could  costing you more money in your utility costs!  And don’t forget that in addition to helping you sell an buy homes, we want to be your resource for all things real estate!  This includes helping you save money while also helping you turn your house into a home.

Tell us what you think.  We want to hear from you. Which of these tips are you going to immediately put to use?

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