Real Estate Investing in Omaha May Be Right For You!

Why would you want to own an investment property?

I’m talking about investing in residential real estate, and I practice what I preach. I own rental properties. If 2020 is the year that you think that might be something you want to explore, please reach out to me. I’d love an opportunity to talk to you and get all of your questions answered.  With the right strategy and approach, I can help you:

  • Earn extra income every month.
  • Gain equity and appreciation.
  • Have someone else buy you a house!
  • Tax savings every year.
  • Retirement income and savings.
  • Have a way to pass wealth on to your heirs virtually tax free.

Do these things sound good to you? I would love an opportunity to meet and answer all of your questions.  I am setting up some one on one appointments in January and February and am planning a couple small investment group sessions to teach more on this subject. If you would like to meet individually or in a small group, let me know!

I know I am a big geek about real estate, but I truly believe there is no other investment that you can get as good of a return on and is as safe as real estate! I would love to help you earn income, save money on your taxes and build wealth for retirement!

Here’s just quick example of you could possibly benefit:

Example: Buy a $150,000 house and earn approximately $330 a month now, plus tax savings on top of that. In 15 years your asset will have appreciated around $67,000 (figuring on the low side with 3% appreciation) and your tenant will be paying down your mortgage helping you build equity. Imagine if you had 10 properties! You could end up with millions of dollars in assets you own free and clear and be receiving 100% of that rent as income in retirement. In addition to earning income in retirement, you can pass them on to your family tax free someday! 

Real Estate Investing
​Call/text 402-305-8631 or email me today! Not for you, but you know someone else interested in investment properties? Send them my way!
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